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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my fees increase because of the new app? / Do I have to pay to use StarboardOS™?

No, your fees will remain the same. With StarboardOS™, you now own your corporate data and have access to them in one place. This will significantly reduce the amount of time and decrease the energy you will expend to look for and collate information when it comes time for statutory filings and reporting. You will have more time and energy to build and grow your business rather than stressing over data management and staying compliant.

What is StarboardOS™?

StarboardOS™ is an all-in-one Company Operating System™ we designed for founders, entrepreneurs and business managers. The platform enables you to manage your corporate governance, compliance, financial operations, human resource matters and more - all in one place. StarboardOS™ helps you save time and energy by supporting you with incorporation, forming subsidiaries and other business matters. You focus on what you do best – growing your businesses - and leave the rest to us.

How do I register for StarboardOS™?

You will first need to be a client of Starboard group of companies. Thereafter, you will receive a registration link to set up and activate your account. During this process, you will need to verify your StarboardOS™ account using the email address you provided.

You will not need to set a password as your email will be used to authenticate each attempt to log in to the app.

Once this step is complete, you will be able to log into your account either via or on the StarboardOS™ app downloaded on your mobile phone.

This PDF details the steps to set up your account.

What is my login information? What if I forget my password?

Your email (which you used when setting up your account) is your login.

There is no password - we use ‘passwordless’ authentication which removes the need for you to remember yet another password and offers a layer of security. You will receive an authentication email each time you log into StarboardOS™ which contains a one-time use link that is valid for two hours. Authenticate your log-in attempt through this email by clicking on this link and you will be automatically redirected to the app environment.

This PDF will show you the steps to set up your account.

The same login information can be used to log into the mobile version of StarboardOS™

We also recommend that you authenticate your email on your email client on your desktop if you are logging into from your PC, and complete authentication on your email client on your mobile phone if you are logging in from your mobile phone.

Why was I not asked to create a password?

StarboardOS™ uses a ‘passwordless’ authentication process so there is no need to remember more passwords! You will receive an authentication email each time you log in to the app which contains a one-time use link that is valid for two hours. You can only log in with the email the account is verified against.

This PDF details the steps to log into your account.

Is the mobile app compatible with iOS / Android? Can I use this on my ipad and other handheld devices? Where do I download the app for my mobile device?

StarboardOS™ is compatible with most commonly used operating systems. You can log in to StarboardOS™ through your web browser using There is no app to download when accessing it on your PC.

StarboardOS™ is mobile phone-friendly but does not currently work with tablets.

You can download the StarboardOS™ app onto your mobile phone from the Google Play or Apple app store. Search for ‘Starboard app’ and look for this icon

Is there any difference between the mobile and web versions of StarboardOS™?

The two environments have the same functionalities and you use the same login information for both. The two versions exist for your convenience.

When logging in on your PC, go through your web browser using

When logging on your mobile phone, we recommend you download the StarboardOS™ app from the app store of your phone rather than using your phone’s web browser (although this will work too.)

How do I access my company data?

Accessing your company data on StarboardOS™ is quick and easy as it is all in one place! Keep this PDF handy for steps to access this powerful feature on StarboardOS™.

How come the data is not updated?

The data is updated on demand via ACRA Connect. The data you see in your StarboardOS™ account is as current as the data lodged with ACRA.

How do I access my company documents on StarboardOS™?

You can both upload and download documents into ‘Documents’ on StarboardOS™. This means you are now able to access all your corporate documents in one place. Your Client Advisor can upload documents for you to review and you can also submit supporting documents to your Advisor that are needed for work to be completed.

Can I share this app / information with other people in my company? Who has access to this information?

Currently, the app is designed for use by UBOs (Ultimate Beneficiary Owners) and Directors only. This ensures the information is only accessible to individuals with expressed permission.

We are working to expand access to other roles and you will be able to give access rights to individuals of your choice. They will all need to be individually vetted prior to access.

What can I use the Register data for?

You can download a copy of the Registers through the ‘Register’ feature on StarboardOS™. These Registers comply with ACRA’s required format so you can submit them to any government bodies in Singapore when required.

How will this change the way I work with Crystal Clear / Starboard / JWC advisors? Will I still be able to get help from the advisors when I need?

We understand it is invaluable to have an effective partner supporting you in your business building efforts. Our on-demand experts are always ready to support you if and when you see the need.

When used as intended, our app streamlines your work flows and raises productivity for all parties involved. When used to its fullest extent, StarboardOS™ will enable both our advisors and you to focus time and energy in what matters the most to your business - growth.

What happens when an individual cessates as UBO or Director?

The event will need to be filed with ACRA officially, either by the client or a qualified party (such as the Company Secretary), in order for StarboardOS™ to be updated. Thereafter, the cessation date will be reflected under ‘Roles’ for the individual.

Once this happens, the individual will lose access to the entity’s data and all relevant information will be erased from his/her StarboardOS™ account.

Is my data safe?

Your data is safeguarded from physical and environmental risks in a secure data center. All our servers and data centers have strong physical security measures, as well as 24/7 monitoring and surveillance. We are striving for ISO27001 certification, the most renowned standard for information security management system and its requirements, to ensure your data is secure.

How secure is my information?

Access to Starboard is secured with the latest Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, providing a secure and reliable method of communication. Furthermore, for any particularly sensitive information, such as financial data, we utilize the most advanced Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology available to ensure the transmission is encrypted and protected from any potential malicious intrusion. Our commitment to security and privacy is paramount, and we ensure that all data is safely secured with the latest technologies.

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