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Exciting Updates From The Starboard Team

It is September 2022 and we are approaching the three quarter mark of the year. Time sure flies really quickly.
Written by
Joanne Sofia Chong
Published on
May 2, 2023

It is September 2022 and we are approaching the three quarter mark of the year. Time sure flies really quickly.

At Starboard, we liken ourselves to a farmer tending to his land – we are constantly planting seeds and keeping an eye on the harvest. Time is a continuum. The seed stays in the ground for some time before it sprouts. When it is underground, we cannot see what’s going on; we can and must, however, keep building an environment conducive to its growth, providing water, fertiliser, sunshine and everything that will encourage its evolution.

The farmer patiently builds, keeping an eye on the ultimate goal.

That’s what we have been doing at Starboard. We are laser-focused at building an ecosystem of products and services that will allow you to save time and money and focus on building YOUR business. We have been planting seeds to serve that purpose and today, we’re breaking through the soil with five developments that will form the foundation for our work in the years ahead:

We’ve raised US$3.5M in a Pre-Series A Round led by Monk’s Hill Ventures — enabling us to invest into building a ‘Company Operating System’ for our Clients, a community of Founders, Startups and SMBs. Joining the round are Actium Partners, Iterative Capital, and awesome angels Bruno Pok, Gin Wee, Terrence Hoon to name a few. Additionally, we’re honoured that Peng T. Ong has joined our board.

We’ve set up operations in the US (Silicon Valley) which will enable Founders from Singapore and SEA to easily expand to the US from Asia (many of you told us this is going to make a real difference to your business!)

Kent Huang - an experienced operator from Intuit, PayPal, Funding Societies and GoBear - has joined our leadership team as Chief Commercial Officer. What a coup for Starboard!

Our team has grown from four at the end of 2021 to 18 now! We are bringing together amazingly talented individuals who bring their expertise so that we can better serve our Clients.

We’re also feverishly working on a Starboard App for our Clients — a Web App and a Mobile App (on both iOS and Android) — providing 24/7 access to core company information and streamlining the work of compliance and business administration. More updates on this coming …

Even as you read this, more is being done to create products and services that will make it easier for you to grow your business. Get to know us and our services here.

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