Feature: Entity Data Room

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📌 All data used in the images below are for demonstration only and are not from a real entity.

Your Entities

Once you successfully log into StarboardOS™, this is the first page you will see - a list of all the entities you are an officer of (provided the entity is a registered client of the Starboard group of companies).

How to use
  • Select the entity you want to access from the list.
  • This will bring you to the Overview page of your Data Room for the chosen entity.
  • As a Company Director or UBO (Ultimate Beneficiary Owner), you get full visibility of the entity’s information.
  • You will be able to see the following:

    Entity profile
    — entity information as lodged with ACRA
    — nature of your business (maximum two categories, pre-selected)
    Share capital
    — an overview (more information on shareholders can be found under ‘Shareholders’)
    Important dates — key statutory deadlines for the entity (calculated based on FYE information provided)

A list of Directors, Company Secretary and Shareholders for the entity (data as lodged with ACRA)

How to use
  • Click on each name to see personal information (Name, NRIC/Passport, Address) and the date of appointment and cessation (in the role)
  • You are able to see at a glance the roles each individual plays in relation to the company
  • Other roles such as CEO and other non-office holders can be added to this list by your Starboard Advisor (not available through ACRA)

BONUS: You can download ACRA-compliant Registers of Directors, Registers ofSecretaries and Registers of CEO in the separate ‘Registers’ section.


This page provides a snapshot of the current state of shareholdings.

How to use
  • Click on each name to see personal information (Name, NRIC/Passport, Address) and the date of appointment and cessation (in the role)
  • Any changes in shareholding will only be reflected after you have informed your Starboard Advisors (who will update the information)


This acts like a Dropbox / Google Drive that you share with your Starboard Advisor.

How to use
  • This folder is shared with your Starboard Advisors so you have the same access and editing rights.
  • You can search, upload, download, delete files and folders in this view.


This is where you can download ACRA-compliant Registers of Directors, Company Secretaries and CEOs.

How to use
  • Click on ‘download’ button on the right and an ACRA-compliant version of the register will be generated for your submission to relevant government bodies in Singapore.
  • Should you need more registers, please speak to your Starboard Advisors.

Digital Mailroom
📌 Only visible if you subscribe to this service together with Registered Address

Starboard provides a managed mail service for companies who subscribe to our Registered Address & Digital Mailroom service.

You get to enjoy a prestigious office address in a prime location in Singapore;

We will handle and digitise your mail and notify authorised users so that you will not miss any important business and regulatory mail.

How to use
  • All mail that can be scanned and disposed — will be scanned and saved to their Digital Mailroom
  • You will receive notifications when New Mail is added to the Digital Mailroom
  • You can choose how frequently to be notified (and if the notifications are In-App only or Email only or both)
  • All mail that cannot be disposed of (such as Bank Cards, Certificates etc.) will be sorted in a Locked Physical Cabinet
  • Such mail will need to be collected one of two ways:
    - at the Starboard office (in Singapore) during office hours;
    - we arrange for the mail to be sent to you via a third party courier (payment will auto-debited from your credit card account or auto-invoiced to you)
  • Bank Statements will be separately stored by Starboard for six years (for audit purposes)