The Path To Company Success Is Here

Our team of professionals help global businesses set up, manage and grow their companies in Singapore from the convenience and security of a single cloud-based platform.

Our only goal is to guide you towards success

We eliminate the jargon and unnecessary overhead.

We remove time-wasting meetings and unnecessary workflows.

Instead, regardless of where you are in the world, we provide dependable, high-quality work that is centered on your needs.

All it takes is a brief introductory call to learn how Starboard might benefit your business

We believe in something different

It's easy to focus on the fun stuff.

When you read about companies, the glossy parts get the stories.

Product, marketing, leadership.

Yet without a strong foundation, without the engine of a business running smoothly, none of the rest is possible.

Companies that don't get their house in order don't survive, no matter how great the product, marketing or leadership.

At Starboard, it is all about the details.

In managing every dollar, ensuring the right choices are being made to protect the company and ensuring the finances are in a place where an organisation can feed the fire of growth.

Living and working in Singapore has shown us that when you have a municipality that encourages rather than hinders business, you're receiving the help that makes everything easier.

When taxes are kept low, when there is an educated and capable workforce, and when there is ample access to funding, your chance of success grows exponentially.

We're excited about how we can help businesses grow.

We're excited to help you.

If you have any questions or want further information, you can reach us by email below.

The team at Starboard